Marvin Dolly’s Bio

Passionately driven to create good music; arranger and composer Marvin Dolly combines his love for jazz with broad influences from Calypso and Brazilian music to create his signature style. Originally from the beautiful Island of Trinidad and Tobago, Marvin started playing the guitar at very young age studying the classical guitar and taking part in various music festivals in the Caribbean. Gaining popularity Marvin began touring extensively throughout the Caribbean, United States, Canada, and Europe. Feeling the need to pursue his musical career further Marvin moved to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance where he had the opportunity to study with great musicians from around the world including : Chris Newland , Dario Cortese, Amit Chatterjee (Joe Zawinul, Richard Bona, Etienne Mabappe) Gianluca Corona, Iain Scott, Phil Capone, Mike Stern (Miles Davis, Blood Sweat and Tears, Michael Brecker ) .                                                             

Moving back to Trinidad, Marvin was quickly hired by the University of the Southern Caribbean as a guitar tutor, teaching over a hundred students a week and holding master classes. Marvin has an optimistic outlook on life and feels that every experience is charged with the capacity to transform. Working heavy on the New York scene Marvin has played and toured with top musicians from: Regina Carter, Lonnie Plaxico, Camille Thurman, Chris Lightcap, Xavier Davis, Mcclenty Hunter, Freddie Bryant, Wess "Warndaddy" Anderson, Ben Williams, Jon Coward, Dayna Stephens, Renee Neufville, Paul Beaudry, Neal Smith, Nioka Workman, NirFelder, Luques Curtis, Mark Shim, Alvester Garnett, Willerm Delisfort, Obed Calvaire, Etienne Charles and Mimi Jones just to name a few. 


Marvin has performed in some important venues such as NPR, Lincoln Center,WBGO jazz radio station,Dizzy's Club CoCa Cola and Smoke Jazz Club, among others. Also,Marvin has performed in some of the best festivals in the world including the Montreal jazz festival (Canada), MeMo Festival (Brazil), Central Park Summer Stage festival (New York), Saint Luica jazz Festival(Caribbean ) and Nancy jazz Festival (Europe) Just to name a few.